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Photo Scanning with a Personal Touch


Michelle Arnold, owner, provides a personal touch with technology. Instead of going to a big chain store to scan documents or pictures, Michelle hand scans and provides excellent customer service that is not always available at the big chain stores. Michelle also has a product line that contains tote bags, ornaments, crafted family trees, and decoupages trays that feature her customers' favorite photos. Michelle also assists with scanning scrap book pages. As a business owner with a disability, Michelle also shows her customers that people with disabilities can own their own business, break previous stigmas, and be successful.

Telephone: (573) 443-7206 


Address: 98 Corporate Lake Drive

Columbia, Missouri 65203

(email or call for office hours)

My services

"Michelle Arnold does great work! She has scanned thousands of my photos and documents. I like that she hand-scans my items and does not feed them through a machine that could damage my originals. Also, she is a local business which I want to support... I would rather keep my business here in the USA supporting a hard-working young woman."

- Lara W.
"Michelle is awesome! I highly recommend her products and services! She is efficient and works hard to do a great job!"
- Kelly O.
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